Game, set and match: Perfect game and advertising conditions

In sports, it is essential to pass important information to the crowds at the stadium as well as to the spectators in front of the domestic TV in perfect quality. Whether the score and the playing time, a goal celebration in a close-up, commercials of the sponsors or a substitution of players is irrelevant.

Important in sports: Extremely fast and simple updating of content, maximum brightness and a wide viewing angle so the LED display can be seen by as many spectators as possible. There are also special requirements for the installations at the field of play: Our sports-systems are equipped with ball and play safe protection mechanisms.

Similar to the advertising displays, there are almost non LED display systems “off the shelf”. Because of our enormous experience in the business sector of LED scoreboards and LED banner systems custom-made projects are in the right hands with us. Our LEDCON Team would like to develop the perfect LED system for your special specifications.

B – SI

The LED banner system for indoor applications

B – S

The LED banner system for outdoor applications

Scoreboards outdoor

Scoreboards for outdoor applications

Scoreboards indoor

Scoreboards for indoor applications