Finance your new LED display

While the pricing tended downwards in the recent years the purchase of a LED display is usually a not insignificant investment.  Traditional financial institutions often have difficulties to offer a reasonable interim financing for modern LED displays.

Meanwhile an increasing number of financial institutions have recognized the current market situation and realized the safe return-of-investment of modern LED displays. Whether for 36, 48 month or even longer maturities, nowadays it is no longer a problem to lease such a piece of technology at interest rates.

The leasing contract is interpreted as a zero value leasing. The leasing item (the LED display) will be the property of the customer after the last leasing rate.

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For several years now, LEDCON has solid cooperation partners with whom we work together successfully. We will be happy to arrange you a detailed leasing with our partners for your LED display project. Please feel free to contact us any time you need!

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Rental LEDCON LED displays

Our range of services includes not only just the simple selling of LED -Displays – in addition LEDCON Systems furthermore advises clients and prospects from the idea to implementation.

With this business type we can supply a unique support as a B2B company.

For this purpose we ca also help you for your rental inquiries (rental- & dry-hire-business). We are working together with well-known companies in the industry and can therefore offer you our LED displays for rent. We will gladly arrange the appropriate contacts if you submit an email inquiry to