Everything from a single source

In the development of new and innovative LED modules we do not only solely rely on our own competences. We always have an open ear to custom needs, wishes and ideas. At national and international trade fairs learn more about new standards before they enter the market. Indeed, we are continually thinking one step ahead.

Our IT and engineering specialists which are working in this part of business for over 30 years contribute their knowledge to create more and more powerful and energy efficient modules.

LEDCON Systems has solid and exclusive cooperation agreements with factories. This collaboration lasts for years. In order to continuously provide outstanding quality we put our manufacturing cycle every year on test. There are LEDCON internal guidelines which have to be fulfilled 100% before continue developing a product or producing it. Also, the price-performance ratio plays an important role for us.

LED displays are products that have a durability of at least 10 years – we develop high quality technology and avoid cheaply-made components which reduce the period of use.