B – SI Indoor-LED banner system – efficient sponsoring marketing

LEDCON banner systems offer the ideal solution for showing “action and advertisement” in sports events. The popular B-10SI-series enables tailor made marketing for sponsors right beside the playground.

One of the highlights of the B – SI-series: In addition to the LED banner system you can also design a complete LED screen from the modules in just a moment. If you do not need the LED banner system for a specific game but rather a scoreboard, you can use this 2 in 1 function quickly.

SMD “3-in-1” technology guarantees optimal screens, even from attest viewing angles. A high rate of contrast combined with a high frequency of image ensures perfect sight for the present spectator as well as for the critic review in camera screen.

Management of quality together with the choice of high-standard components obviously form the key factors in this context, self-understanding for LEDCON products.

The same applies to CE- or EMC-certifications as well as meeting the demands of the Premier League regulations for any LED banner systems.

Maximum security

Bounce protection

The modules top as the greatest risk of injury to the player is fully equipped with a high-quality foam bounce protection.


The two rear doors allow an easy and quick maintenance.

Rubberised EasySoft ®Shader

The LEDs are protected by a special for ball sports developed rubberized front mask against dynamic forces from outside.

Removable bounce protection

The bounce protection is completely removable so that you can build a complete LED screen from the LED banner system.

Rotating foot

The adjustable foot can be rotated 360 degrees and can disappear quickly and easily under the banner modules for transport.

Easy handling

Using the folding strap on both sides allows each module to be moved comfortably and safely with two people.

Pixel pitch 10 mm
LED type SMD 3 in 1
Display color 281 Mrd.
Brightness 5000 cd/m²
Refreshrate >2500 Hz
Controlling NOVA
Module dimension in mm 960 – 1600 x 800 / 960 x 185
Weight per module 52 kg
IP rating IP 30
Power consumption max./m² 300 W
Power consumption ∅/m² 150 W
Horizontal viewing angle 140°
Vertical viewing angle 140°
Features Multifunctional (can be setup as a banner or screen )
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