B – S Outdoor-LED banner system – more space for sponsorships

Current market research studies showed that television viewer remember your brand or your product four times more, if they have seen it on a LED banner system.

LEDCON has developed an LED banner system for the outdoor use, which is specially made for sport events which are shown on TV.

The popular LEDCON B-S-series offers a special opportunity for sponsorship marketing directly at the playground and helps the sponsor to raise returns from the introduced advertising investments.

The used SMD “3 in 1” technology enables optimal image reproduction even from different viewing angles. The high contrast ratio as well as the high frequency refresh rate also ensures perfect visibility for both – the audience and the critical playback in the camera image. Whether at daylight or floodlight – the LEDCON LED banner system guarantees excellent readability of the shown content and a flicker-free television picture.

The LEDCON LED banner system is designed for fixed installations and mobile applications.

This reliable quality management and the use of high quality components in production at LEDCON products have always been key factors.

All LEDCON banner systems are CE and EMC certified and fulfill the demands of the FIFA/UEFA/DFL regulations for any LED banner systems.

Maximum security:

Bounce protection

The modules top as the greatest risk of injury to the player is fully equipped with a high-quality foam bounce protection.


The three rear doors enable a quick and convenient service.

Rubberised EasySoft ®Shader

The LEDs are protected by a special for ball sports developed rubberized front mask against dynamic forces from outside.

Foam cushion wedge

The resulting gap in the diffraction of the module under the module is compensated with a foam wedge and avoids dangerous foot injuries. In a structure at a 90 ° angle the foam wedge is not necessary.

Dynamic force protection foot

The rearward foot of the module contains a dynamic return spring which can record brake forces in a frontal collision and thus can prevent injuries.

Easy handling

Using the folding strap on both sides allows each module to be moved comfortably and safely with two people.

Pixel pitch 10 mm
LED type SMD 3 in 1
Display color 281 Mrd.
Brightness 5000 cd/m²
Refreshrate >2500 Hz
Controlling NOVA
Module dimension in mm 960 – 1600 x 800 / 960 x 185
Weight per module 52 kg
IP rating IP 65 / Rear IP 54
Power consumption max./m² 800 W
Power consumption ∅/m² 350 W
Horizontal viewing angle 140°
Vertical viewing angle 140°
Features Multifunctional (can be setup as a banner or screen )
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